At last we received a sample of the cotton/woollen tights from Germany but they had a very strange gusset which carried on down the thighs in a tapering effect, presumably to give the required extra thigh room. Camilla our model (size UK28) tested them and although she could fit into them I felt the compromise was too great. I also sent them to a customer, who’s comments are as below.

Hi Laura

Finally got around to wearing them today, here goes.

Strange shape on taking them out of the package, when I looked closer this is because the manufacture has added a very large gusset which make the top of the tights a strange shape.

The tights themselves are quite rough a smother knit would be nice, and they make you itch when in a warm environment. Hopefully they might soften with a wash or two.

The gusset seams come down the inside of my  thighs and stop about 2-3 inches short/above my knees (I’m 5’6″) the gusset gives space in the top of the tights but makes the tights look ugly and certainly couldn’t wear them with a short skirt as the point of the seam and the seams themselves would be seen.

They are strangely comfortable to wear as the seams are far enough around the thigh not to rub together and they are a good size and have stayed in place even during a 1/2 mile walk out at lunchtime, but best to be worn for warmth and comfort not fashion and design.

Hope this help, if you need any more information please let me know