Michaela from Cardifforniagurl, reviewing our Lace Anti Chafing Knickers

“Tried and tested I can honestly say these shorts are amazing. No riding up, not visible under clothing, breathable in the heat, my chub rub is no more. My last pair were so restricting but these I can sit without them digging in and restricting me . I got three pairs, plain black, black with lace and nude and I simply can’t stop wearing them. The lace pair are amazing to show under a sun dress and give a real 90’s feel, that is all the rage this summer…”




Leah, reviewing our Anti-Chafing Shorts and Seamless Knickers, over on LoveLeah

“…They pull up over my bum and stay put all day both in the waist and in the legs thanks to the wide hem, but they don’t dig in. They aren’t just comfortable from the perspective of keeping your legs from chafing, but they actually stop you from sweating altogether. I’ve said it before, but I think it’s witchcraft. These are a summer essential…”



Hayley from Curves and Curls, reviewing our Lace-Edged Vest and Knickers

“…The All Woman Lace Edged Vest is a simple black fine ribbed vest, with lycra for stretch. The stretch is such that no matter how much you wear it or wash it, it’s not going to lose shape. The vest is a good length on my long torso. Here I am wearing size 18-22 – as I am at the top end of the size range I was a little worried that it might be a little snug, but it accommodates my curves comfortably. The little lace trim gives this practical piece a little femininity and hint of sexiness…”



Sassy Scarlett reviewing our Magic Stockings

“…I love the silkiness of the material.  They are soft as a whisper and look lovely on my legs.  They are sheer with just the right amount of color.  I have worn both pair three or four times without snags or issues so I am extremely pleased, any stocking that gets through more than one wear with me is great quality!!  The stockings are not too heavy but still made from sturdy material. I really love my Magic Stockings and cannot wait to try more of the wonderful products from The Big Tights Company!!”



Georgina Horne, reviewing our Lace-Edged Vest and Knickers

“…I have the set in a size 18-22 and it’s so comfortable and fits perfectly without any bulging or cutting in! The top is intended as under or outerwear – I must say that I have worn mine as outerwear loads! It washes well, it keeps it’s shape and it’s a really nice length on my long bodied, large busted frame. The cute lace edges add a little something feminine to both pieces, and they aren’t itchy or annoying…”



Elinor from The Nylon Swish, reviewing our Anti Chafing Knickers

“…As some of you may know, I regularly dance rock and roll and rockabilly, and that is a sweaty past time. Anyways, I am always on the lookout for undies I can wear while dancing that will still look pretty if and when my skirt fly’s up. These babies not only look pretty but they are lightweight making them super easy to dance in and they stop the chafe!”



Diana reviewing our winter tights, on her Fashion Loves Photos blog

“…If you’re tall, big hipped, full stomached or in any way dare to have any sort of curve to your body, you’ll know the sad shuffle caused by ill fitting tights. Whether rolling down, digging in or simply laddering the second you put them on because you’ve yanked too hard to get them where they should be, they are the bane of your wardrobe once Autumn hits. Thankfully The Big Tights Company have put an end to this madness, by selling a large range of stocking and tights which go all the way up to a UK 42…”



How it all started

We are the little sister of The Big Bloomers Company, launched by mother and daughter Dianne and Laura. Intent on selling truly plus size hosiery, the duo decided that all of our key products must be available in a UK size 28/30. Realising that they couldn’t source tights in the sizes that they wanted, Diane and Laura decided that they would have to try to find a way to manufacture them.


In April 2009, Laura set off to Italy, home of lingerie manufacture, to try to explain the plus size design that was required (with the aid of her English/Italian dictionary). After speaking with numerous manufacturers, Laura stumbled upon a small lingerie factory in the industrial heart of Parma. The owner, Francesca, was aware of the problem with the sizes of tights and confessed that she rarely wore them. She listened to Laura’s theory that a bigger barrel was needed, rather than extra width in the gusset. Together, they worked out how big this barrel needed to be and what size minimum order would make it worthwhile for Francesca to go to the expense of buying it.


The first of our All Woman tights were produced in 2012 and are exactly to the specifications which Laura knew were required. They are long in the leg, they won’t ride down and you won’t need to wear an extra pair of knickers to keep them up. They are wide on the hips, stretching up to 100 inches. We now have an array of tights and other products to fit an array of body shapes and sizes and will do our very best to help find some to fit you!