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All Woman 90 Denier Tights

All Woman 90 Denier Tights

4.93 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings
(14 customer reviews)



  • 90 Denier with Microfibre
  • One size: UK22/32. Black only
  • Fit hips up to 60″ (152 cm)
  • No panels
  • Reinforced toe
  • Cotton gusset


  • We post your parcel within 1 working day of receiving your order and in most UK cases you will receive your parcel the next working day after placing your order
  • Europe takes on average 5 working days to arrive
  • Australia takes about 6 – 12 days
  • USA takes around 12 – 25 days
  • The rest of the world, we can only say be patient -it always arrives eventually!


  • UK £2.95 fixed price
  • Europe £3.55 fixed price
  • Worldwide £4.55 fixed price

Our comments: These are high quality, thick 90 denier opaque tights with plenty of stretch. They have flat seams, no panels, and a cotton gusset. The microfibre makes these tights hard-wearing, strong and ladder-resistant

Please be aware that Depth = gusset to waistband and that the length of the tights is difficult to gauge as leg length can be taken up by thighs or a large tummy thus rendering them shorter than expected.

DEPTH TO 27″ (69 cm)
HIPS TO 60″ (150 cm)
THIGH TO 32″ (81 cm)
HEIGHT UP TO 5FT 11″ (180 cm)

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14 reviews for All Woman 90 Denier Tights

  1. Emma Flett
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Absolutely incredible tights I must say! As a midwife I have to wear tights for busy 13hours hospital shifts. I was sick of constantly pulling or holding up my tights, although running down a corridor whilst holding the waist band my be amusing for some, it started to become increasingly annoying. Then I tried yours! There isn’t any movement of them all day! I couldn’t rave more highly about them! I’m size 26 and over 6ft so I’m sure you can understand the struggle! Don’t hesitate to buy, sure they are a little more expensive but a pair of hell tights from another plus size retailer were nearing £10 so for the quality and difference, theses are worth every penny!!

  2. Charlotte
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Hooray! I bought these tights for my Christmas party this year, and will be buying a few more pairs! I was a bit skeptical due to the price but oh are they worth it. I’m only 4ft 10, so tights for me either fit right in the waist but are way too long, or the right length but too tight. These however are perfect and stayed up all night through the dancing. If you’re short n chunky, these are definitely for you thanks so much big tights!

  3. hanna.kahlert
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    First up: these are amazing! I had these first when they first came out and they were frankly a disaster, they slipped and fell down. 😉 Now however, with the improved fit, they are pure perfection! They don’t sag, there is not one wrinkle around my ankles, they stay up perfectly (road tested with 3 miles walking and a day’s work) and are so so comfy! I love these and would buy bulk if my bsnk account would approve. But they are so worth the price!

  4. Paige
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Bit pricey but worth it! I had my pair almost a year before they got a ladder. They are very comfortable and the waist band doesnt fall down. They arent tight on my stomach when i sit either

  5. April
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    These are the first pair of tights I’ve owned in over 10 years!! And all I can say is that they are amazing I’m a size 24 and 5’5 with very short legs and these tights fit my calf, hips and bottom amazingly they come all the way up to my bra and don’t fall down!!! My only negative is that being a short leg person I do find they bunch a bit by my ankles and I’d love to see a option for shorter leg in the future but compared to other tights I used to wear the bunching is not nearly as bad!!! I’d definitely buy these again (in fact I have)

  6. Emma
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Absolutely love these tights. Im a size 25 (yup I’m in between sizes) and a rather leggy (I like to think) 5 ft 8. I have got enormous calves too.
    They have a teeny bit of a shimmer, so look great for a night out, are lovely and soft and best of all. They stay up!!!!!!
    Love these. Cant recommend them enough.

  7. Jemma galley
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    As a uk30 and 5ft11 I’ve always struggled to find tights, I was told to try the big tights company. I have to say they are the best tights ive ever tried. I had plenty of room and they was very comfy. Wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

  8. Gill
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Last year was my nephews wedding. I ruined 5 pairs of tights before ending up wearing pop socks (oh the shame!). I really wish I’d known about these tights before. They don’t feel like they would stretch to accommodate my size (24/26) when you get them out of the packet but when you put them on they have loads of stretch in them and they dont go thin where they’re stretched the most. No worries about them going over my thighs of hips as they just glide over easily. They’re not baggy and loose round the crotch and sit snugly around my waist despite me being only 5′ 4″. I can see they would fit bigger sizes easily and not drown anyone smaller. The opacity is great especially for the winter and there’s a slight sheen on them too which I love. They’re not the cheapest tights but they are excellent quality so great value.

  9. Becki
    5 out of 5


    My tights arrived yesterday and I have them on today!
    WOW! I cannot tell you how delighted I am! I am 6 foot and a size 22 and, upon putting these on, have realised that a pair of tights have not fitted me for about 15 years!
    I spend my days struggling with standard tights that just about cover my tummy and roll down with every step!
    I finally feel that I can be confident to wear tights all day.

  10. Jo
    5 out of 5


    Oh my goodness – what amazing service – my tights arrived this morning and I only ordered them yesterday. It’s fab that someone recognises the need for a little extra leeway around the hip area I haven’t bought a great deal from you but every time I do its a pleasurable experience. I tell all my friends about you so hopefully they have put orders in too. Keep up the amazing work.

  11. Ebony Hill
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Where have these tights been all my life! These are amazing! Normally big girls have to struggle to get good fitting tights that go on easy and stay put all day. These are a dream compared to any other ‘plus’ tights I have ever had. They go on like a dream, have enough but not too much stretch, they are true to the denier the say. Basically they are perfect!
    I had been worried about tights/stockings for my wedding but I now know where I will be coming!

  12. madmusicdiva
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m a 5ft 3in size 22/24 woman who’s always had the struggles with trying to find tights that will cover my big behind and won’t fall down. My horror stories of tights slipping to my knees while on my daily commute have been a constant source of amusement to friends and family but not any more! I bought 2 pairs that were delivered yesterday and tried them on this morning…oh my god! Perfect fit, feel like a second skin and the stretch…wow! I think I actually prefer these to the 180 denier which I’ve bought previously. I’m now in the office feeling smug and have 3 more pairs in the basket! Please can we have these in grey and dark brown…oh and multipacks. Can’t recommend these tights enough!

  13. Laura
    4 out of 5


    After being an absolute convert to their 180 denier style, I was immediately excited at the thought of owning another pair from their line. Firstly, if you don’t own a pair of the 180 denier tights – you should! They are extremely comfortable, stretchy yet supportive and my go to whenever I am off on a night out.

    As you’d expect, the 90 denier are much thinner than the 180. For me, they would be a day time, every day wear kind of tight. Although as the weather warms (god willing), I would not hesitate to wear them on an evening. They look significantly smaller than the 180 too, but dont let that fool you – they are small but they are mighty! My size 24/26 thighs glided in with ease. A luxury I am now used to thanks to The Big Tights company. Once on, they still provided the coverage I am used to with the 180, if only losing a little opacity on the thighs. They feel light, breezey yet supportive. The band came right below my bra and at 5’11, that isn’t an easy feat! I wore my high waisted shapewear briefs over the tight as always and I felt confident and comfortable.

    If you are looking for an every day, comfortable tight for work or leisure, or if you prefer a less bulky tight on an evening, then these are ideal. It was always going to be hard to beat the 180 denier for me, the 90 deniers almost managed it! With my large thighs and tummy, the opacity, fit and feel of the 180 suit my body better in my opinion. They will still be my go to tight but I am positive I will get plenty of wear in the summer from my fabulous new 90 deniers!

  14. Aimee
    5 out of 5


    Wow wow wow! I’m totally and utterly blown away with what words to use to describe the 90denier tights. I’m a plus size girl size 22/24 and 5ft 11. I struggle so much to find tights that do what they say on the packet. Even plus size brands and tights that have costs me £££ have still not cut the mustard and done the job. As I slipped into these tights I squealed with such delight! I’m so happy that there are tights out there that do what they say and I don’t have to feel like I can no longer wear that dress, long shirt. I am kitting my lingerie drawer out with tights From The Big Tights Company and I’ll never look back! If you need good tights, this is the place Thank you to The Big Tights Company for making me feel woman and that I can still wear the clothes I want to and feel secure that my pins are in safe hands

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