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Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights

(19 customer reviews)


  • Available in UK sizes 20-26 and 28-32 (more sizing info below)
  • 50 Denier microfibre with flat seams
  • Extremely ladder-resistant and wonderfully warm
UK Dress SizeHips in CMWaist in CMHips in InchesWaist in Inches
UK28 - UK32142 - 152117 - 12756 - 6046 - 50
UK20 - UK26119 - 14294 - 11747 - 5637 - 46


  • We post your parcel within 1 working day of receiving your order and in most UK cases you will receive your parcel the next working day after placing your order
  • Europe takes on average 5 working days to arrive
  • Australia takes about 6 – 12 days
  • USA takes around 12 – 25 days
  • The rest of the world, we can only say be patient -it always arrives eventually!


  • UK £2.95 fixed price
  • Europe £3.55 fixed price
  • Worldwide £4.55 fixed price

Please be aware that depth = gusset to waistband and that the length of the tights is difficult to gauge as leg length can be taken up by thighs or a large tummy, thus rendering them shorter than expected. The sizes stated are the ultimate stretch attainable but these tights will fit people considerably smaller.

UK 28-32
DEPTH TO 26″ (66 cm)
THIGH TO 31″ (79 cm)
HEIGHT TO 5′ 11″ (180 cm)

UK 20-26
DEPTH TO 26″ (66 cm)
THIGH TO 28″ (71 cm)
HEIGHT TO 5′ 11″ (180 cm)

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19 reviews for Paris Lady 50 Denier Microfibre Tights

  1. Chloe T
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Amazing!!!! Perfect. I always struggle to get tights to fit. Too big or too small! THESE are perfect

  2. nikki.brun
    5 out of 5


    Oh my word THEY FIT!
    The biggest difference for size 26 me is that the waistband actually holds the tights up rather than all the other tights I’ve wasted money on where it just slides down.
    I can actually now wear tights like a grown up rather than leggings. These will literally transform how I dress, especially for work.
    Is it weird to ask everyone I know for tights at Christmas?

  3. Terri Sheldon
    5 out of 5


    I haven’t even wore these out yet but I just had to leave a review because I’m astounded! I’ve just tried them on and I cannot believe the ease of getting them on!
    I’m a size 22/24 with most of my weight on my tummy and thighs, and I struggle so much to get regular tights over my thighs and especially my tummy but oh my God – these are absolutely fantastic!
    They went straight up to my waist no problem, but still feel nice and snug like they won’t fall down or be baggy! My only regret is I didn’t order 3 pairs!
    Seriously ladies you need these in your life! So happy I can wear tights again 🙂

  4. Sandra
    4 out of 5


    Paris lady 50 denier opaque tights are brilliant, very stretchy and easy to get into. Very pleased with my purchase, but must admit a bit pricey……will have to see how long they last to see if they are worth the price. But must admit a great fitting item

  5. Naomi
    5 out of 5


    A great pair of tights! These were recommended to me as an alternative to the All Woman 180 denier tights, which I had found to have a lot of excessive fabric around the hips and waist area, and had a tendency to slip down as the size runs quite big. I was unsure of these as an alternative as they’re only 50 denier, and the picture did not make them seem very opaque – don’t let this fool you!

    I found these to be a lot more opaque than the picture implies, and a lot warmer than I expected. These will definitely be great for winter!

    I’m a size 20/22 on the bottom and lean towards 22/24 for tights as I’ve got quite large thighs and butt. The 22-26 size were a little on the snug side when getting them on and needed a bit of wriggling, but once on they were very comfortable and fit nicely. There is no excess fabric in these, and I don’t find that they slide down while wearing them. Although a bit snug to get into, there is actually plenty of give in them, and the waist is wonderfully soft and stretchy.

    If you find that some of the other tights come in sizing ranges that are a bit too generous, definitely give these a go. And if Laura recommends a pair of tights to you… you should probably listen! She hit this one right on the head for me. I’m very happy to have a pair of these.

    • Laura

      (verified owner):

      Thanks for the feedback Naomi and I’m glad we found you some winter tight in the end.

  6. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Here is another review of all four of our winter tights by an independent blogger including the Paris Lady with photos.

  7. Helen Wyatt
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Well – they fit! Which is a bit of amiracle as I was beginning to think I had the oddest shaped body in the Western World, as no other tights I’ve tried ever go above my mid thigh. I’m 5ft 4 and Size 26/28, but I ordered the large size in these tights (32-36) due to the issues I’ve had in the past – I think I have freakishly large thighs or something. Although they fit, and are quite comfy once on, these tights were still a massive struggle to actually get in to- I had to literally roll around on the floor, pulling this way and that, huffing and puffing, because the tights are quite tightly woven elastic, and really difficult to stretch initially. No idea how hard this would be if you were at the upper end of the sizing bracket. Now they are on, I don’t think I’ll take them off again in a hurry!

    • Laura

      (verified owner):

      Hi Helen
      If you have particularly large thighs I would so recommend the All Woman 180 denier, they will slip on like a glove with no struggle at all.
      Kind regards

  8. Sam
    5 out of 5


    After trying some fabulous tights that didn’t work for me, I was sent an alternate pair by the amazing team here. I’ve given the new pair a good wear through and i’m thoroughly impressed. They wear beautifully and wash well. The texture is really soft and comfortable. Wonderful service and product. ^_^

  9. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Received 14th Feb 2014
    Hi Laura

    I received my order today thank you – and thank you for the samples you sent as well -All tights are good and by far my favourites for comfortableness and good fit are the Naples range and I am so pleased with the Paris Lady opaque tights – it has been ages since I have had a pair that fit comfortably. I shall be wearing them this evening and I will be ordering some more of these.


  10. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Recieved 29th December 2013
    Hi Laura

    I have ordered from you previously and bought a single pair of the Paris Lady tights. They are fab so I decided to order 3 pairs this time. I am also giving the hold ups a try as I am a large lady and am 5′ 11” in height so find it difficult to get a good fit.
    If they are anything like the fit on the tights then they will be fab too. I am sure that I will order from you again in the near future.
    Hope you have a very happy and prosperous 2014!!

    Thanks Amanda.

  11. Ali
    5 out of 5


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. These tights really fit! After years of wasting money on tights that pool around my ankles, and that have to be held up by wearing an extra pair of knickers over the top, I finally feel like a normal woman, instead of some weirdly shaped freak.

    Other plus sized hosiery providers get it so wrong, but you have it so right, and I can only say thank you again 🙂

    I love these tights and am ordering more as soon as possible.

  12. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Received 31st October 2013

    Hi, I first found you through Google search and have ordered from you before. It is so nice to finally find opaque tights that fit my length and breadth!


  13. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Received 28th August 2013

    Hi Laura

    Thank you so much for the Paris Lady opaque tights. I’m a 22 rather than a 32 but tall with long legs. The tights are really long on me. Perfect. So thrilled not to have to wear extra pants to hold up tights this winter. Looking forward to getting into dresses and boots! I would recommend tall ladies go for larger sizes and not to worry that they will be too large. Thanks to your one pound offer I tried the Calabria lady and although a size 24 they were too short in the leg and tummy for me. So now I know the tights for me and have ordered two more pairs.

    Mary (5ft 8″)

  14. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Received 14th May 2013
    Hi Laura,

    I’ve tried on my Paris Lady tights today, an icy Autumn morning in Melbourne, Australia. I was dreading the moment I had to pull them up over my upper thighs but I am happy to report they not only glided up and over them comfortably they are sitting snugly & comfortably around my waist.

    I have now worn them all day, including a couple of 10 or so minute walks, which would normally leave me hitching up my tights as they started the slow & inevitable roll down. With the Paris Lady there is No hitching. I say hooray to no hitching!

    They really do fit! I was a little hesitant at shipping four pairs all at once but I’m so glad I did. They are worth every penny!

    Thanks so much.



  15. Katherine
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I recieved these tights today in black. They are just fantastic, please please get more colours, the slate are sold out :(. Ive been trying to get decent tights for years (I have a really long body and all tights are frankly hilariously short on me rising below my hips!) all true I have ordered several sizes up and theyre pretty big around the waist but I dont care they fit my legs and have the right length and everything. SO HAPPY 🙂


  16. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Not only do Paris Lady extend outwards in the crucial thigh area, avoiding half-mast seam strangulation, but they feel like velvet. And because the finish is on the matt side, you don’t get what is our usual fate with Lycra opaques when given only one ‘silky’ option – shiny bursting black puddings for legs. No more leg hiding in trousers and long skirt/boot combinations.



  17. Laura

    (verified owner):

    A review on Fatshionista Live Journal:
    As a death fat–5’10, size 28/30 on the bottom, 64″ hips–it seems like plain black non-shaping opaque tights have been rarer on the ground then hen’s teeth lately. Every pair of tights I’ve tried in the last three years has not fit, ripped immediately or relentlessly crawled down my body while wearing. It’s been driving me CRAZY.

    Despite poverty, I’ll pay for such an essential wardrobe staple, so I’ve been exploring the world of UK/European tights since US ones have failed me miserably. and lo! I have finally found decent quality tights that fit!

    From the big tights Company, a UK company specializing in underwear and hosiery up to UK size 46, I obtained the Paris Lady 50 denier tights AND I LOVE THEM! they’re microfiber with flat seams, available in black, deep pink, deep purple or slate and two sizes, UK30/32, UK34/36–I got the 34/36 size, which fit hips up to 68″. these are thick, opaque, durable tights that fit me better than anything else I’ve worn as a fattie–not too long or short, designed to accommodate a big belly, no binding in the thighs, no crawling down while wearing. the catch? $38 with shipping. ouch.

  18. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Email comments sent to us

    Hi Dianne

    This is my second order I am over the moon with the micro-fibre tights received this week and placed a further order, I am 6ft and size UK20-22 and they are a lovely fit.

    I found you via google and have recommended you to not only my tall friends but also my larger ones too.


  19. Laura

    (verified owner):

    Received 8th December 2012

    Hi Diane

    They fit !!

    I had to attend an important conference made me feel so confident.
    Normally I have worn a log skirt, but I could wear my smart suit & pencil skirt.


    Have a wonderful Christmas and a busy new Year


    Received 18th October 2012

    Hi Dianne

    I just wanted to say that now I have had chance to try the microfiber tights how delighted I am with them. I cannot believe how comfy they are. I usually dread autumn and winter because I am tall and previously I have found that tights are so short that | get the dreaded ‘roll down’ but not with these.


    Received 17th October 2012

    Mrs Warrington over the phone told us: She is 6ft tall and a dress size 20/22. She says the Paris Lady are wonderful, they don’t ride down as do her other tights – and she says they would fit someone 6ft 3” …..

    Received 10th October 2012

    Found out about you on the website. Ordered 50 denier tights and were lovely fit so ordered two more pairs very happy with my purchase.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Received 30th September 2012

    Gorgeous . elegant and fit great 5 foot eight inches tall. size 26 with big bum/tum. I feel elegant for the first time in years. No more trousers for me. Will you be doing other colours?

    Thanks Anne

    Received 28th September 2012


    I have just received Paris Lady tights in the post and was feeling rather
    nervous about even trying them on, seeing as I’ve never, ever found a
    pair to fit me. These fit marvellously! Worth every penny. I’ll be
    buying more when I can. :o) And seeing how well these fit and that
    there’s more space left to go both out and up I might try the Parma
    lady for more warmth.

    Thank you so much!


    Received 30th August 2012


    Just wanted to pass on some feedback from the new thicker denier tights I ordered.
    I am very happy with them, lovely material and don’t loose the shape. They are not as large in the thigh as the largest 20 denier tights you do (All Woman) but they are actually a better fit, so I am very pleased.

    Thank you

    Received August 15th 2012

    Hi Dianne

    A big thank you, lovely winter opaque tights in big sizes at last, what a treat. A bit expensive but worth every penny.

    I will be buying more from you.

    Regards Jane

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